Aeronaut Automation manufactures a full range of automated cutters for use with industrial and recreational textiles, technical fabric, roll fabric, high modulus composites and corrugated cardboard.

Aeronaut is one of Intacomp's authorised dealers. Please see below for Aeronaut downloads.

Aeronaut Cutters:
Elektron Mono LC automated cutter in cut widths up to 2050mm (80"). Cam-lock steered tools

Elektron Mono WS automated cutter in cut widths up to 6200mm (244"). Cam-lock steered tools

Elektron Quattro automated cutter, 2, 3 and 4 Cam-lock steered tools

Elektron B2 with 2 steered bayonet mount tool holders

Elektron B1 with 1 steered bayonet mount tool holder

Elektron B2 Ultra ultrasonic automated cutter

Elektron B1 Ultra ultrasonic automated cutter

Elektron B2 Sample maker for packaging and box making

Elektron Laser Z laser cutter

Elektron Laser ZT laser cutter 60 - 100 watts.

Elekton Laser ZXand Elekton Laser ZX Duo laser cutter with optional Cam-lock steered blade tools.

Elektron Quattro Blindmaker for window shades and awnings

Elektron Quattro Shademaker for window shades and awnings (as above but with imperial units)

Mikron Cutter
Cam-lock tooling brochure

Bayonet Mount tooling brochure
Vacuum Tables & Accessories
Vacuum Table Specifications. Notes on vacuum pumps and cell divisions.
Ink Jet Pen

Digital Pressure Gauge
Other Tools
A magazine article on Prodim Proliner 2D and 3D measuring equipment.
Tangent brochure

DXF-AAMA file specifications

Multi-sided shades

Tension Structures

Outdoor Canvas

Lightweight Aircraft

Pool liners and covers

Tangent & String Sails

Pool liners- BSG

Optitex Brochure

Aeronaut Leather System

Carbon Fibre and Composites

Truck Side Curtains Plug-in Tool for Vectorworks