Intacomp supplies, installs and maintains Jetstream Waterjet Cutting Systems.

These cutting machines can virtually cut any material of up to a thickness of 150mm.

These machines come in various sizes and can accommodate the largest sheets of material supplied.

A person can also chose which pressure Intensifier Pump they need, depending on the materials a person wishes to cut.

Intacomp supplies pumps in the range of 320MPa to 420MPa. These pumps are simple to use and are economical. They are eco-friendly, as they create no dust or toxic fumes, when cutting.

Intacomp now have 13 of these machines, running in South Africa, all of which have been installed in the last 24 months. One has been installed in the DRC which was installed in November 2012 and another one in Mozambique. Waterjet cutting johannesburg